Digital Media and Learning

The MacArthur Foundation’s initiative on Digital Media and Learning has just
announced the publication of six new books by MIT Press:

Civic Life Online: How Digital Media Can Engage Youth (editor, Lance Bennett)
Digital Media, Youth and Credibility (editors, Miriam Metzger and Andrew
Digital Youth, Innovation and the Unexpected (editor, Tara McPherson)
The Ecology of Games: Connecting Youth, Games and Learning (editor, Katie Salen)
Learning, Race and Ethnicity: Youth and Digital Media (editor, Anna Everett)
Youth, Identity and Digital Media (editor, David Buckingham)

The volumes can be viewed and downloaded free from the MIT Press site at:

The Foundation is also supporting a major new journal in the field, the
International Journal of Learning and Media, to begin publication by MIT
Press in early 2009. The journal is edited by David Buckingham, Katie Salen
and Tara McPherson. Details can be accessed via the MIT address above, or
direct from:


Details of the wider MacArthur initiative, including a range of new funded
research projects are at